Permission Scopes

OAuth permission scopes let you specify what type of access your app needs to FullContact user’s account. As a developer, you specify the desired scopes when asking a user to authorize your app. The requested scopes will be displayed to users for approval. You’ll also need to specify the scopes when generating tokens for yourself through the oauth.exchangeAuthCode method.

Multiple scopes can be requested for a single authenticating credential. In order to specify multiple scopes all you need to do is delineate them with a ,.

Types of Scopes

The scopes are defined in in a format RESOURCE.TYPE_OF_ACCESS:

Scope name Allowed actions Reading user account information Reading contact data
contacts.write Creating, updating, and deleting contacts Reading tag data
tags.write Creating, updating, and deleting tags Fetching webhook and delivery data
webhooks.write Creating and deleting webhooks Reading team data Reading team contact data
teams.contacts.write Writing team contact data Reading team tag data
teams.tags.write Writing team tag data Fetching team webhook and delivery data
teams.webhooks.write Creating and deleting team webhooks