FullContact Contacts API Overview

The FullContact Contacts API is a set of HTTP endpoints that let you integrate with FullContact contact management services such as reading, updating and searching user’s contact information.

Request and response formats

FullContact Contacts API uses HTTP RPC-style methods, of the form https://app.fullcontact.com/api/v1/$resource.$method.

All endpoints accept HTTP POST method. Unless otherwise noted, arguments are passed as JSON in the request body and results are returned as JSON in the response body.

See data types for more information on data structures in request and response objects.

Request authorization

Register your application with FullContact to obtain OAuth 2.0 credentials, which allows you to negotiate tokens on behalf of users. Tokens should be passed in all Contacts API calls using the Authorization request header.

See Authentication for more details.


This API also provides webhooks - a webhook can executed upon an event.

See Webhooks for more details.